Product Range:    Hi-Luronic

Hi- Luronic

Immediate and prolonged ultra hydration
Characteristics New & improved formula, suitable for Vegans

High and low molecular weight and Wild Pansy Extract
Hydrated skin is the essence of lovely skin: smooth, supple, and comfortable. However the passing of the time and the multitude of external aggressions to which our skin is subjected every day can lead to its progressive dehydration.

AINHOA has created Hi-Luronic, a strategy for DEEP SKIN HYDRATION though Irrigation & Retention, it stimulates the synthesis of aquaporins (these are proteins) increasing flow & retention in the Epidermis. Also forming a non-occlusive film barrier to skin surface.It is VERY LOW molecular weight can penetrate inside the skin hydrating layer by layer. Hi-Luronic reinvnts skin hydration.

Hi-Luronic improved formular is now more effective than ever. As well as being vegan, over 90% of its ingredients are of natural origin!

Skin Type: All skin types and ages 20 onwards, especially those needing an extra provision of hydration.

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