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Collagen is the fundamental pillar of the skin’s architecture. It plays a key role in the structure, robustness, and strength of skin tissue: it is the base support for the skin and therefore, of its contours and volumes.

While ageing, collagen production decreases, which leads to loss firmness and slackening or flaccidity in the skin.


It is NOT a plant extract that acts like collagen (“Collagen-like”), but rather it is an innovation without precedent: it has been achieved by means of bio-technology in that a bank of wild plants synthesise a collagen I peptide, identical to a fragment of human type I collagen, that acts as a construction block and inductor of the synthesis of the skin’s endogenous collagen.

In this way, it has the same functionalities, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

Benefits for the skin

• Boosting collagen synthesis in the skin.
• Increasing skin firmness.
• Lifting effect: tautens the dermis and the epidermis.
• Improves the skin luminosity.
• Helps minimise wrinkles.
• Works against skin ageing.

Skin Type

Skin with loss of facial volume, lacking firmness, vigour and with a lack of youthful tone.

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