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AINHOA is one of Europe's most innovative cosmetic and skin care brands developed with the latest scientific advances, and combined with natural ingredients.

Originating in Spain, AINHOA is widely used throughout the world with its products selling in over 50 countries. For the last 20 years, AINHOA has provided women across the world with a broad range of cosmetic and skin care products with a unique blend of natural ingredients to suit all skin types.

At AINHOA we understand that a woman's skin is her precious asset and we want to help maintain this, ensuring you maintain your radiant, natural beauty.

Since September 2011, Australian women have been able to enjoy this cosmetic range that has over 200 unique products to choose from. AINHOA'S extensive beauty range is now sold exclusively through beauty salons.

The range is extremely well suited for the women with a busy lifestyle and is a soothing elixir for the Australian sun.

Using highly active ingredients such as gold, caviar, diamond dust and the cutting edge development of vegetable stem-cells and marine DNA, AINHOA's products help to rehydrate the skin cells, rebuild elasticity and regenerate, invigorate and rejuvenate your skin. Our latest ingredients Neodermyl and Chronodyn in the Khrono Age Range won "Best Ingredients" in Paris for the beauty Industry in December 2013. Our very newest release Exigence contains Crambe Maritima extract (or sea Kale) is certified Ecocert.

It is our natural ingredients that maintain Ainhoa's quality products.

So come into AINHOA's world and see what we can do for you.

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