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Luminous Eye Contour Cream 15ml - R2301

Silky cream for the eye contour area with the following effects: illuminating, antioxidant, anti-bags and hydrating. It provides light and vitality to the glance, as well as offering intense protection against free radicals. It improves hydration and reinforces the renewal of the natural skin barrier, protecting it against external influences. A powerful anti-bags active ingredient helps reduce accumulations under the eyes, blurring the signs of fatigue for a radiant look, full of light and life.

Main Ingredients: Vitamins C and E, Reconstituted Red Coral Extract, Pyrus Sorbus Tree Extract, Ceramide III and Shea Butter.

Weight: 0.08kg

Price: $91.50

Categories: Multivit, Face and Eyes, Combination, Dry, Mature, Preventative, Youth,

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