Product Range:    Specific Extreme

Regenerative range for daily skincare. Stem Cells originating from plants, have the potential to constantly create new cells. With Hyaluronic Acid. They are rich in Keratinocytes, with the capacity of permanent auto renovation. They are obtained from halophyte plants, which grow in aggressive terrestrial conditions. Due to this they adapt to salt and water stress producing control and tolerance over ions.

It provides Marine DNA, rejuvenating and regenerating the skin. It is anti- free radicals thanks to the Vitamin E content and to the retention of water, collagen and elastin. Stem cells provide a multi-functional molecule which the tissue assimilates and uses it where it is most needed (intelligent – action), this re-establishes the skins parameters of health and vitality.

For dry, dehydrated and aged skins with expression lines. 30 years and up- wards.

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